Unearthing Bohemian Bahrain

We want to share our secret, let us show you what we’ve discovered through music, creativity, art and genuine human interaction. Boho Baha is a platform for us to to create experiences that highlight the immense creativity in Bahrain. We work with a highly talented group of musicians, artists, and creative personalities to produce constantly evolving events and experiences. We created Boho Baha as a way to continuously evolve and improve upon the local music and event scene in Bahrain, through events like La Di Da Di, Radio Mellowtron, Dantes Inferno Room, MuseLand, FarmFest and Sandfest.

Bahrain offers is a unique platform – a strong sense of community, a huge network of artists and musicians coupled with a longstanding history of traders and travelers. People from all walks of life continuously conversing, discussing, meeting….paths crossing. We found that through our emphasis on collaboration, our festivals and events speak across cultures and remove barriers.

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Past Events

06 May 2016 The Electro Swing Masquerade Manama, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) Al-Thuraya, InterContinental Regency Al-Thuraya, InterContinental Regency
11 Dec 2015 The Nightmare Before Christmas Adliya, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) Oliveto Oliveto
29 Oct 2015 Theatre of the Damned! Adliya, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) Cafe Amsterdam Cafe Amsterdam
17 Apr 2015 Dar. Tek with YokoO Sitra, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) Al Dar Al Dar
03 Apr 2015 La-Di-Da-Di Juffair, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) Sky Bar Lounge Sky Bar Lounge
02 Apr 2015 Anatomy of a Scratch Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate ( BAH ) Malja Malja
07 Mar 2015 The Amwaj Bazaar Amwaj Island, Muharraq Governorate ( BAH ) The Lagoon The Lagoon
06 Mar 2015 The Amwaj Bazaar Amwaj Island, Muharraq Governorate ( BAH ) The Lagoon The Lagoon
05 Mar 2015 The Amwaj Bazaar Amwaj Island, Muharraq Governorate ( BAH ) The Lagoon The Lagoon
26 Dec 2014 Farmtek Saar, Northern Governorate ( BAH ) Family Farm Family Farm
15 Dec 2014 The Street Bazaar Adliya, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) 3 Osama Bin Zaid Avenue 3 Osama Bin Zaid Avenue
29 Nov 2014 Market 338 // The Nest Adliya, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) 3 Osama Bin Zaid Avenue 3 Osama Bin Zaid Avenue
28 Nov 2014 Farmfest V Saar, Northern Governorate ( BAH ) Family Farm Family Farm
30 Oct 2014 Dante's Inferno Room Adliya, Manama, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) Mezzaluna Mezzaluna
17 Oct 2014 Baratigi Saar, Northern Governorate ( BAH ) Baratigi Baratigi
05 Sep 2014 Radio Mellowtron Adliya, Manama, Capital Governorate ( BAH ) Mezzaluna Mezzaluna
16 May 2014 La machine cosmique Muharraq, Muharraq Governorate ( BAH ) Maison Jamsheer Maison Jamsheer


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La Di Da Di
We like to party, We don’t cause trouble, We don’t botha nobody.

In true Boho Baha style we transformed Skybar into something unlike you’ve ever seen before.

A hip hop roof top party complete with street art from local artists, hustlers, breakdance battle’s, visual mapping and a headlining act whose sole mission in life is to dispense the best tunes in a performance that speaks as load as his eclectic music taste.

Dante’s Inferno Room
Recently Deceased? Having trouble adjusting?

No need to worry we’re here to help you transition to your new afterlife. Our afterlife transitional adjustment center was available to help make your transition to your new afterlife stress free. Boho Baha was onsite issuing toe tags, running special effects ghostification simulations, and throwing a party in Hade’s hottest venue, Dante’s Inferno Room.

Radio Mellowtron

Our Bohemian Special Projects Branch has developed a new breakthrough in Bohemian technology: The Mellowtron.

We gathered as much cardboard as we could get our paws on; and constructed a homemade radio station. We spent a night dispensing bad relationship advice, playing funky tunes and instigating ping pong showdowns all wrapped up into a big groovy package.

Museland Festival

The goal of Site B is to bridge the gap between music, spoken word, comedy, and visual art mediums in a fresh edgy way. It draws inspiration from the intimacy of jazz clubs and TED talks ability to inspire; reinforcing our principles of inspiring creativity and collaboration.

Acts featured at Site B will focus on doing things differently from the mainstream and should ideally be of a surprising nature. We want attendees to expect the unexpected, without explicitly telling them to do so. Visually Site B is designed to keep a focus on the performances as opposed to the setting itself.


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Boho Baha at Al Dar Eclipse Party
By Time Out Bahrain, September 30, 2013

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