Theatre of the Damned

Theatre of the Damned!

29 Oct 2015 Adliya, Capital Governorate (BAH)


Venue : Cafe Amsterdam
State : Capital Governorate


Theatre of the Damned!

19th Century Paris:

Crime was rampant, living conditions terrible. The repercussions of the ‘Reign of Terror’ were continually felt by Parisians. Death was everywhere… mortality rates were high. The poor lived in misery and the rich thrived off of their poverty. But in death, there is no distinction……

“You Sinners and Sinned! You Murderers and Victims! You Moneyed and Destitute! We invite you to the Theatre of the Damned, to join us for a one-night soiree, a performance in purgatory, the band to tell the story….and a celebration of our death!

Expect the unexpected!


Dress Code: 19th Century European…haunting…ghoulish…dead
Entree: BD10

Live music: ‘The Belly of Paris’

Spooky Dj Performances: Yakumi, Gas Bird


Grey Goose Vodka
Cafe Amsterdam

Yasmin Sharabi – Creative Consultant/Set Designer