Anatomy of a scratch

Anatomy of a Scratch

02 Apr 2015 Amwaj Islands, Muharraq Governorate (BAH) Free


Time : 19:00
Venue : Malja
Address : Amwaj Ave, Old Alosra building, behind the Amwaj Management Office
State : Muharraq Governorate
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Anatomy of a Scratch

As a warm up for the main event Nick Dunn aka DJ Buckwilde will be giving a workshop on all things turntables. Nick will talk about his journey through the UK DMC and Hip Hop scene rising to be finalist in the UK DMC championships and touring with Fatboy Slim as the scratch DJ for the Palookaville album.

Nick has been promoting Hip Hop nights in UK for many years with the likes of Cash Money, Kool Herc, Vinroc, Dj Noise and The Scratch Perverts. He’s got a wealth of experience and stories to share with everyone about the development of the scene and how the culture has effected his approach to DJing.

Nick is a true wizard of the decks and will be going deep into the anatomy of the scratch, demonstrating the different types of scratching, how beat juggling works and how to integrate turntablism into DJ sets. If you’re new to scratching there’ll be tons of useful info on getting started and how to continue learning.

To wrap things up Nick will be bringing it all together for special little miniset showcasing his skills.

Malja Art Space, Amwaj