Farmfest V

Farmfest V

28 Nov 2014 Saar, Northern Governorate (BAH)


Venue : Family Farm
State : Northern Governorate

We’ve been aching to do another farmfest and the weather is finally just right. Prepare yourselves for another day packed full of the best local music and tasty eats all tucked away in a green oasis hidden in saar. The mad scientists at Vuruz have been cooking up some incredible things that will be coming to life at night, we’ve got a new farm, a funky boho Market full of oddities, a slew of new bands and a few old favorites. Farmfest is a family friendly event.

Daytime, is picnic time! We’ll be on the grass and enjoying sunshine and good weather with activities and entertainment thats all ages appropriate. We’ve got the best solo lineup we’ve ever had at FarmFest along with an art space set up for grownups and younger bohemians.

Once the sun sets we’ll be clearing some space to dance and get groovy. We’ve got some awesome bands that will get your booty shaking! Keep an eye out for a few surprises Vuruz will be hiding around as well!

Farmfest is massive this time around! we’ve got no less than 10 bands and 6 solo artists!

Entrance is BD10 for adults and half price for kids under 10

as always BYOB


Hot Laser | Machinegun Geeza | The Getaway BH | Relocators | Danial Cochran & the Belly of Paris | ThermoDani | Majaz | Viddy | Bsides | JMC | Linette Booysen | Jim Diez | Cody D Martin | Prasad Solo | Rob Jungle | Weaam.